tres* (roulade) wrote in petawilsonfans,

Nikita 100 Icons

I recently signed up to make 100 icons of Nikita :P Of course I won't be doing all 100 at the same time but in various batches over the next 10 weeks.

Part of my challenge is to include 50 different themes for 50 of the 100 icons. The other half of my challenge (which I gave myself) is to create icons from each episode of LFN throughout all five seasons. Since there are only 96 episodes and I need 100 icons, some will obviously be repeated *coughWAR;PSYCHICPILGRIM;HARDLANDINGcough*

[ 01 ] Please COMMENT in this thread and state which icons you're taking.

[ 02 ] Please give credit where credit is due. If you use these icons, please credit roulade.


( click here to view the first batch of icons )
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