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The Peta Wilson Fans LJ Community [entries|friends|calendar]
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[28 Nov 2008|01:50pm]

{ 001-014 Stock: Photography/Cameras }
{ 015-033 Stock: Christmas/Winter}
{ 034-048 Stock: Time/Clocks }
{ 049-065 Stock: Flowers }
{ 066-076 Mylène Farmer }
{ 077-096 Joaquin Phoenix }
{ 097-111 Jon Stewart }

{ 112-120 "La Femme Nikita" (TV Show) }

( More icons under the cut @ my LJ)

None of the textures/brushes used are mine, they go to their rightful owners.
Enjoy, credit favoritedarknes and comment please~
No hotlinking please~

PW Collage. [22 Aug 2008|03:50am]

Here at cooloring.
Peta fans

Nikita & Michael Mix || Slowly [29 Mar 2008|02:24pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Hey, everyone!
I made a LFN/Nikita-Michael Mix and thought I'd share it.
Hope you enjoy it!
Just click on the link below :D

.::a nikita & michael fanmix::.


Here in my journal: http://mary-br.livejournal.com/20500.html
Peta fans

La Femme Nikita FanMix - Nikita & Michael - So Much Is Lost [01 Feb 2008|02:04pm]

La Femme Nikita FanMix - Nikita & Michael - So Much Is Lost


you can find the whole FanMi HERE over at lore_85
Peta fans

Peta / Marlowe Icons. [18 Apr 2007|09:53am]

01. 02.

All Of Them...

Peta icons! [27 Jan 2007|01:12am]


I'm new to the comm and I thought I'd introduce myself by offering up some icons. Follow the fake cut to my LJ and check out some of the other icons I've posted.

[07] Peta Wilson
[07] Heroes
[13] Keira Knightley


( follow the fake cut... )
1 Peta fans

[24 Jun 2006|02:06am]

1 Peta fans

Peta icons [16 Apr 2006|05:32pm]

Poking some life into this place, I hope. Hi. I made some 30 or so Peta Wilson icons, very basic ones but still. If interested wander over to my side and take a look. 7 Angelina Jolie, 17 Peta Wilson (see earlier post for ~6 others), 10 Famke Janssen, 10 Karina Lombard, 5 Rita Hayworth, 15 Tilda Swinton, 4 Xena, 12 Xenia Seeberg plus one sad Essie Davis from before. White shirt ones here with 8 Judge Dredd, 6 James Morrison from 24 and otherwise, Lambert Wilson in Chouans (+ general Chouans pics of French soldiers pretending to be pirates and Sophie Marceau looking like in featured icon and yer generic RPG-character candidate pictures) equalling 20 icons, 21 Sophie Marceau and Lambert Wilson in Pygmalion or My Fair Lady (whatever it is in French) and elsewhere, including the movie Marquis (16), which offers more RPG-candidates. Plus 10 other pics? Credit is always nice and please leave a comment if you grab any.

3 Peta fans

Nikita100 Icons: Batch #4 [22 Sep 2005|10:04am]

Here's Batch #4 of my Nikita 100 Icons challenge :P


- Please credit roulade if you're using any of these.
- Do comment &let me know if you're taking, or just to leave feedback.
- Caps from Fire-Ice.org

( onto Batch #4 with this fake cut )

Nikita 100 Icons: Batch #3 [21 Sep 2005|10:38pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Here's Batch #3 of my Nikita 100 challenge :P


As usual, please comment / credit if you use any of the icons. Feedback is always greatly appreciated! :P

( the rest are here )

Lost / Peta Wilson / The X-Files [19 Jul 2005|12:43am]

01. 02. 03.


Michael/Nikita 50: Batch 04 [18 Jul 2005|05:44pm]

Here's my forth batch of Michael/Nikita icons! :P Only 10 more to go before I complete the entire challenge!

[ 01 ] Please COMMENT in this thread &state which icons you're taking. I'd love to have feedback too!

[ 02 ] Please give credit where credit is due. If you use these icons, please credit roulade

[ 03 ] All screencaps were taken from Fire-Ice.org.


( one step closer; then the rest of the world ceases to exist)

Info on Peta's new role [07 Jul 2005|10:02pm]

Peta's return
From Sydney Confidential
June 28, 2005

Super role ... Peta Wilson / AAP AUSSIE actor Peta Wilson has snuck into Sydney after snagging a role in the upcoming flick, Superman Returns.

Stars of the widely hyped film and its crew have been shooting in Sydney for four months, but cast additions are still being made, with LA-based Wilson the latest to join the superhero set.
Best known for her role as a butt-kicking babe on TV series La Femme Nikita, she has been cast as a PR chick named Bobbie Faye in the Bryan Singer-directed film.

While Wilson's role as Bobbie Faye is minor, she will appear in a scene which is "crucial to the storyline".

A spin doctor for a kryptonite company perhaps?

No doubt the Sydney-born Wilson is rapt to be working in her hometown, and with the chance to play tour guide to her Superman co-stars Kate Bosworth, Parker Posey and Kevin Spacey.


there you go!!
Peta fans

Michael/Nikita 50: Batch 03 [06 Jul 2005|09:55pm]

[ mood | still sick :( ]

Well, what do you know? Two weeks into my challenge and already I've half done!

Here's Batch03 of my Michael/Nikita challenge :P
Note: I've already completed half my challenge in the theme aspect (at least 25 icons must feature a specific theme) so the rest of the icons I make will probably not follow any specific theme, unless I'm suddenly inspired (which is highly unlikely).

( on to michael/nikital; batch 03 )

Michael/Nikita 50 [01 Jul 2005|11:53pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

So here it is - batch02! :)

[ 01 ] feedback is always loved, welcomed and very much appreciated. :) so, please leave a comment to let me know how you liked/disliked the icons!

[ 02 ] please credit roulade if you use any of these.

[ 03 ] caps from fire-ice.org, which is back up! :)

[ preview ]

( you keep me flying; you keep me safe in a crazy world )

Icon Mania: Michael/Nikita 50 Challenge! [30 Jun 2005|10:10pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Yes, I'm mad. I know it. :P
Thanks to meredith44, I have gotten myself yet another challenge; this time at ships100 specifically for Shipper Icons! :) So you can probably guess what I've signed up for...

Same things apply; if you're taking, please credit in this post so I know and feedback is always welcome and definitely appreciated! Please credit me if you're using this icons anyway, since we all like our hard work to be acknowledged. Caps from Fire-Ice.org (which is currently down because there was a power failure where the server was hosted).


( together they were like fire & ice, love & hate )

Nikita 100 Icons Batch 02 [28 Jun 2005|02:33pm]

Here's Batch 02 of my Nikita 100 challenge - much better looking (in my own opinion) than the first one!
11 new icons (only 80 more to go!) to celebrate the release of the LFN S3 DVDs - happy dancing everyone!

[ 01 ] Please COMMENT in this thread and state which icons you're taking.

[ 02 ] Please give credit where credit is due. If you use these icons, please credit roulade.


( click here to view the second batch of icons )

Nikita 100 Icons [27 Jun 2005|10:09am]

I recently signed up to make 100 icons of Nikita :P Of course I won't be doing all 100 at the same time but in various batches over the next 10 weeks.

Part of my challenge is to include 50 different themes for 50 of the 100 icons. The other half of my challenge (which I gave myself) is to create icons from each episode of LFN throughout all five seasons. Since there are only 96 episodes and I need 100 icons, some will obviously be repeated *coughWAR;PSYCHICPILGRIM;HARDLANDINGcough*

[ 01 ] Please COMMENT in this thread and state which icons you're taking.

[ 02 ] Please give credit where credit is due. If you use these icons, please credit roulade.


( click here to view the first batch of icons )

LFN Deleted Scenes [24 Jun 2005|10:11am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

S3 is coming out on DVD next Tuesday; yay!
It just got me wondering about how that will change at Fire-Ice.org. Obviously, I will be recapping the episodes so that there'll be higher quality pictures in the gallery. But I also wanted to know if people would be interested to have screencaps of deleted scenes (from all seasons) and/or videos of them as well. I know there are some fans who still don't have a copy of the DVDs, so this might help them out a little.

So, please take a little time to follow the (fake) LJ cut below and voice your opinion about this :) Feel free to leave a comment if you so desire - thanks!

( Please offer your opinions about LFN Deleted Scenes here )

Joe & Max caps [22 Jun 2005|01:32pm]

I just uploaded 300+ caps of Peta's movie "Joe & Max" into the PWF Gallery.

Peta fans

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