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Info on Peta's new role

Peta's return
From Sydney Confidential
June 28, 2005

Super role ... Peta Wilson / AAP AUSSIE actor Peta Wilson has snuck into Sydney after snagging a role in the upcoming flick, Superman Returns.

Stars of the widely hyped film and its crew have been shooting in Sydney for four months, but cast additions are still being made, with LA-based Wilson the latest to join the superhero set.
Best known for her role as a butt-kicking babe on TV series La Femme Nikita, she has been cast as a PR chick named Bobbie Faye in the Bryan Singer-directed film.

While Wilson's role as Bobbie Faye is minor, she will appear in a scene which is "crucial to the storyline".

A spin doctor for a kryptonite company perhaps?

No doubt the Sydney-born Wilson is rapt to be working in her hometown, and with the chance to play tour guide to her Superman co-stars Kate Bosworth, Parker Posey and Kevin Spacey.


there you go!!
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